How does a wholesaler know what they’re selling if they haven’t sent their refurbishment crew to do repairs? 

If they don’t know what they’re selling you, how do you know what you’re buying? 

BEFORE you send funds, have TMD perform your home inspections.  

Offering full reports on the following: 

  • Roof integrity (Leaking/Soft spots/Missing shingles)
  • Skylight condition (Damaged/Leaking)
  • Axles/Hitches (Present/Condition)
  • Underbelly condition
  • Home Removal Obstructions
  • Front and back entry door condition
  • Plumbing condition
  • Wall condition
  • Animal damage/stench
  • Furnace condition/carbon monoxide test (if power)
  • Hot water tank condition (Electric, Gas-HUD Compliant)
  • Toilets (Broken/Leaking)
  • Tub/shower condition (Cracks/Leaks)
  • Cupboard condition
  • Floors (Soft/Damaged)
  • Ceiling damage
  • Appliance condition
  • Windows (Cracked/Broken seals/Leaking)
  • Winterized

Additional Services:

  • Mold Testing (Atmospheric, Swab, Wall Cavity)
  • Moisture Detection (Walls, Ceilings, Floors, Underbelly)

*TMD is certified to perform lab testing.


TMD Mobile Home Inspections

Serving Michigan, Ohio, Indiana and Illinois

*TMD is a subsidiary of Spartans Properties, LLC

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